What is a startup ?

5 08 2009
TechCrunch Europe

TechCrunch Europe

Interesting article in UK’s Techcrunch on what is the definition of a startup. The author brings up the question of when a startup can no longer be considered one. It’s the same the world over and the questions usually come up when it’s time to honor a “startup” for something.

Here is my reply (and my two-cents) on the topic

Just like “business plan” the word “startup” covers way too much ground.

A startup has not reached any kind of cruising speed
A startup is always in “nimble and quick” mode
A startup management team is always walking “the edge”
The busines model of a startup is still “a-work-in-progress
And for the article purpose, a title like the one they were competing for, will “really” propel the startup company forward (instead of just being another trophy on the CEO’s desk!)

Microsoft will help you for free

5 11 2008

Microsoft launched BizSpark.

Here is the TechCrunch article on it.