Web 2.0 ventures that work!

12 08 2008

There was an interesting article in July’s “Marketing news” , the American marketing association magazine.

Josh Bernoff of Forrester research talks about the winners in the WEB 2.0 game. Offering an interesting point on the looming question these days, he asks:Is web 2.0 a new bubble ?

Basically, those who offer 2.0 solutions for corporations , allowing them to have better contact with their customers, are the overall winners and those with the best potential for growth. One thing for sure, I am under the impression that Ben Yoskovitz’s start-up;  Standout Jobs that I referred to a few weeks ago, is here to stay!

This also means that a sustainable business model for Web 2.0 start-ups that specifically address the customer is yet to be found and I’ll keep working on it 😉



One response

13 08 2008
Ben Yoskovitz

Alain – thank you for the reference, I appreciate it. I think there are some business models that are sustainable and working for Web 2.0 companies, but more in the B2B vs. B2C environments. Plenty of companies, prior to Web 2.0, where pushing the SaaS model, which I think makes a lot of sense for buyers of technology.

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