Blogging and start-ups

19 11 2007

Last week was released “pourquoi bloguer” a book on why blog in a bisiness cotext.

!0 chapters, 10 reasons by 10 authors (and friends)

In the next few weeks I will try to give you the essence of that book and look at it as a start-up coach.

Chap 1: To influence.

You would be wrong to minimize the importance the impact of maintaining a blog can have on your business. When we are the new kid on the block, in the market, it’s often more difficult to be recognized, to convey an image of experience, in short be reassuring. Blogging is a great way to achieve that.

Even with a small number of readers, it is possible to have a critical successes. Comments received on your blog are all testimony to your competence on the part of individual that  very often are better known than you at the outset.

These testimonies are the infancy of your budding credibility. Remember that “credibility is a characteristic attributed by others.”

The possibility and the importance of commenting on public topics (other blogs and articles from newspapers and magazines) are unique opportunities to influence the established order to undermine the foundations of a business paradigm.

It is your ability to make connections between concepts (often raised by other bloggers), which quickly establish your credibility and ability to influence. Finding and identifying these concepts in the first place are also signs of your knowledge and your ability to be always on the cutting edge of your area of expertise. What a great way to show it publicly without bragging or give the impression you’re in the middel of a sales pitch.

In my speeches, I often put emphasis on the need for a specialty when we are a new business. In my view, being “Good in everything but specialist in nothing” is your business epitaph written beforehand.

Influencing what is written on your domain of expertise is proof of specialization. Even before being a commercial success you can (and should) seek to influence what is said in your field.

The blogosphere is a sea of conversation, so do not be afraid of debates.  Start them!

Although the saying says that He who sows the wind reaps the storm, you will have the opportunity to show your qualities as captain ;-)… and on the Web you can really choose the right words to argue a point without starting a fight.

Being a free electron is one thing, being in business is a different story, especially when our customer base is still rudimentary. In this regard, Mitch Joel ,  still offer a word of caution. Based on the theory of the Long Tail, paraphrasing what is often in cop TV shows… “anything you say can and will be used against you in court of… the blogosphere.” Remember that your customer can read your old posts…

That said, scaring off customers that you do not really want is a blessing…

Do not forget to tell me if you decide to take the step, and hope to read you soon, starting with your comments 😉

p.s. from the book: Pourquoi Bloguer

The top 5 things you must do when you blog:

  1. Trackbacks
  2. Comments on other blogs
  3. Reply to your readers
  4. Write regularly
  5. Be personal

The 5 steps to build authority as a blogger

  1. Analyse your market: Who are the experts
  2.  Be original: Your style
  3. Tell who is your source of information
  4. Talk about what’s in the news: don’t be yesterday story
  5. Create content: mix and match idea, find new ways of looking at  a problem



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